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 Basic Piano/Keyboard Lessons
Don't own a piano? No problem! To benefit from these lessons, all you need is a simple, inexpensive electronic keyboard.

These lessons are for beginners and intermediates. They're usually taken by singers or singer/songwriters who want to improve their basic piano or keyboard skills while working with me on their voice or songwriting. You'll get a solid foundation in theory and understanding of the keyboard, enough to accompany yourself and work on your songs. This is the focus here; accompanying yourself rather than a focus on becoming a pianist in a formal sense.

Many singers would love to play some piano or keyboard but are scared off by the classical approach of most teachers. I'll teach you as much or as little theory as you can handle, usually just enough to get you playing chords and knowing how to string them together to compose or accompany youself.

Even if you play guitar fairly well your musicianship will grow exponentially with a few piano lessons. The piano keyboard reveals the secrets of music to you in a way that a guitar cannot. When you start to see how chords are made up and how they relate to one another, your understanding goes through the roof!

As a singer, the keyboard will give you a visual relationship with your music, helping you enormously with pitch, intervals and recall. Yes, RECALL, I mean, how many times have you written a great melody line (in you head!) only to forget it later. No more! When you can "see" the notes in your mind's eye---and the keyboard helps you do just that---memorization is easy and your relationship with your music takes on a whole new dimension. Also our understanding of harmony will explode and you'll be able to find 2 or 3 part harmonies for your songs easily.

We'll work on; 
1. The chords--Minor & Major. The most common progressions and how to use them in your song.     

2. Get inside melody. How to compose better melodies and work with them over different chords and why some sound better that others
3. How to work out harmonies 

4. How to develop a musical style which is uniquely yours, following your instincts

5. How to accompany your songs in a simple enjoyable way even if you've never played an instrument before---in minutes!

Please contact me here if you're interested in piano for singer/songwriters
Singing    Songwriting    Guitar    Piano     Mindfulness/Meditation     Workshops