Danny is now offering
Personal Integration Coaching
 A transformational approach
to Self-Discovery he calls



PASSAGGIO is also the name of Danny's new book
(I know, it's been a long time coming!)
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In our attempts to find happiness or gratification we often find ourselves dragged back and forth between totally opposite forces; between euphoria and dejection, our hearts and heads, our work and play, and most spectacularly, between feverish indulgence and guilty abstinence. This helpless vacillation can leave us exhausted and disillusioned and reinforces the feeling that we will never be in control. 
Passaggio; Personal Integration Coaching is an approach to bridging these seeming conflicting poles of our nature. The simple truth is that behind these battling dualities there is an ever-free, all-intelligent witness inside who is never conflicted. This is who we are in essence and just a tiny glimpse of that true self can change our lives. From this perspective these  conflictions are seen not as adversarial to each other but complimentary. This is a major goal of spirituality; finding stillness within movement. Now instead of these forces battling each other they can work together in harmony.  
Using mindfulness, meditation and the simple principles which I call Passaggio, we’ll see it’s possible to bring not merely static balance, but a vitally dynamic equilibrium to all aspects of our lives. Click here for more on Passaggio; Personal Integration.
"There are those rare musicians that are also poets and storytellers, who can bend time and space and language so it penetrates into the deepest places  of the human soul. Danny Ellis is one, and his music has shattered and embraced me with the severe grace."
William Paul Young, NY Times bestselling author of “The Shack.”

Music is an anti-virus, a door-opener!

A nimble shape-shifting angel!

She enters the wound and taking on the form of the hurt,

Moves the immovable by allowing resolution and grace

Melting the hard thoughts and frozen feelings

She opens the door wide enough for all shapes and sizes

Won’t you let Me hold the door open long enough

For you to see it was never closed


When I first started writing songs I often wondered why so many were addressed to the second person; “YOU”. Over the years the mystery slowly revealed itself to me. It all came home when, about 15 years ago I came across the following quote from Rumi;

What is the heart?
It is not human and it is not imaginary.
I call it you. Rumi

Ahh! Below is the title poem from my book of poetry, The Garments of Affection, soon to be released, which expresses our need to clothe the Divine in human terms.              

I know in truth You are the Nameless One.        

When I’m not looking and my eyes stop engraving reality

You allow a glimpse of Your Formlessness now and then.

And though, in that glimpse, You and I are One in timeless no-need,

In my day and my doings, and for the sake of the love you placed in my human heart

I clothe you in Mercy and call You my Beloved.  

I carry You with me in these Garments of Affection     

Knowing that tonight in the darkness

When No-one is looking  

You’ll undress for me again under the formless Sky of Pure Surrender   


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