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There is a bridge between time and Eternity; and this bridge is Atman, the Spirit of man. Changogya Upanishad
As the above quote suggests, the bridge between finite and infinite is the human soul, or as eastern mystics call it, the Self or Witness. Any bridge has its span across two opposite sides. But the essence of who we are at our core is connected to everything. This is no ordinary bridge. It is the fabric of our Source and it's nature  is compassion, the loving, intelligent recognition of commonality.
Much of our human suffering comes from identifying with our thoughts and the mistaken notion that we can find stability within our ideas or dealings. Certainty or happiness cannot come from reordering the confusing multiplicity of choices that assail us every second. It springs from the absolute stillness of the Witness within. It is only from this perspective, the reality of our connectedness to all things, that all the battling poles of our conflicting relationships, conundrums and emotions can come into harmony and equilibrium. This is Personal Integration; a major goal of spirituality.
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Coaching ~ For me, a natural progression
Almost without my knowing, for thirty years I've been quietly moving towards Personal Integration Coaching. It slowly sprang out of my music teaching; helping students find authenticity of expression in their voices and performance. And most especially working with another bridge; the bridge between the head and chest voices of the vocal registers and integrating them into one seamless voice. This bridge in vocal training is called PASSAGGIO. When I first heard the term, I was blown away by the elegance and beauty of the metaphor for finding spiritual balance.
The exquisite skill needed to navigate this turbulent vocal bridge, where the head and chest voices fight each other for control, perfectly correlates with the journey of Personal Integration where we try to unite all the seemingly conflicting elements of our being. Courage/fear, reluctance/enthusiasm, effort/effortlessness, strength/vulnerability are just some of the oppositional poles that we have to bridge to reach harmony and happiness.(The above image of a Torus is a very apt graphic for  PASSAGGIO; Personal Integration where opposites work in harmony with each other.) 

All opposites are inherently complimentary 
At the very heart of creation, science and ancient eastern texts agree that there are two primal forces; Contraction and Expansion, Attraction and Repulsion. It's easy to see how these fundamental energies can pull us hither and thither in an endless tug-of-war. We either give in to one aspect of these pulls, for instance, indulgence, or we force ourselves into abstinence. Either choice is eventually going to cause it's opposite and we can oscillate endlessly back and forth in structural conflict. But when we can, even for a moment, stand back from the turmoil of duality into the Unity of our soul, we see that all opposites are inherently complimentary. The tug-of-war becomes a tug-of-love. From this compassion for all apparent conflict we can allow the battling elements of our being to equilibrate themselves in mutual beneficence.  
When I see I am nothing, that is wisdom. When I see I am everything, that is love. My life is a movement between these two." Nisargadatta.   
The great Advaita sage, Nisargadatta, in his above quote, captures everything that i mean by Passaggio~The Bridge to Wholeness; the graceful movement between polar opposites. One of the most heartbreakingly beautiful examples of this movement is twilight, where the hard light of day surrenders to the softer glow of evening. The same easy grace of transition is everywhere in nature and when we find it within the movement of our own breath, all disharmonious emotions and actions begin to spontaneously align with this state of grace. 

The Source of all Creativity
Working with my students and in my own journey as a musician, singer and writer, I became aware that artistic sensibilities--or any sensibilities in fact--don't emerge in a vacuum; they are connected to your ability to feel love, empathy and compassion, deal with your innermost feelings intelligently and integrate all of them into your life.
Although we'll explore mindfulness and guided meditation--and other modalities--to help you find balance, in the realm of personal growth, all teaching is really self-revelation. It is your soul working with the root sentience of your humanity, your ability to love and feel what’s real beyond your thoughts that will be your final guide. My job, as a Personal Integration Coach, is to articulate that vision for you until you can see it for yourself.  Click for more on PASSAGGIO and Personal Integration. 

I am working on a blog on Personal Integration which will also be called PASSAGGIO  so watch this space.
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"There are those rare musicians that are also poets and storytellers, who can bend time and space and language so it penetrates into the deepest places  of the human soul. Danny Ellis is one, and his music has shattered and embraced me with the severe grace."
William Paul Young, NY Times bestselling author of “The Shack.”

When I first started writing songs I often wondered why so many songs were addressed to the second person; “YOU”. It was too simple, maybe even cynical, to say it was merely an idealization of a person. So what's going on there? Over the years the answer slowly revealed itself to me. It all came home when, about ten years ago I came across the following quote from Rumi;

What is the heart?
It is not human and it is not imaginary.
I call it you. Rumi

I make the question a little wider and ask;

What is that
Which is everything I admire, love and aspire to?
I call it YOU.

Somehow when I write about YOU I am evoking my relationship with EVERYTHING. The ineffable, the subtle ideas and insights which are impossible to come to grips with in ordinary language, seem to express themselves effortlessly in the poetry of YOU. The Universal can burst through in the guise of the particular and magic abounds.

God gives these melodies to us 
It's almost like he dresses up
Puts on a suit we'll understand
So we can have Music for a Friend

My writing covers a wide range of subjects but maybe my favorite songs are about YOU. So if you find yourself in one of my songs then maybe I’m singing about you too. 

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